Technical Details

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The MecLev® is an adjustable and re-usable steel mounting chock, that can be used for mounting all types of rotating or critically aligned machinery. The MecLev® is a mechanical stiff chock that is very easy to install and makes machinery alignment more simple, accurate and quick! The self-levelling feature in combination with height adjustment, eliminates the risk of soft foot problems underneath your machinery!

Standard surface treatment

parts-238x300All standard steel MecLev® elements are treated with a QPQ treatment (Quench Polish Quench), which gives the elements its gunmetal look. The element parts are individually treated to achieve the highest quality. The QPQ treatment gives the MecLev® some important mechanical benefits:

• High resistance against corrosion;
• High resistance against metal fatigue;
• High wear resistance;
• Low surface roughness, Ra0,5. (results in smooth running parts!)

As an extra protection against corrosion and debris in the thread, we advise you to treat the elements with tectyl or similar protective product to increase the elements lifecycle to a maximum.