why use MecLev®?


MecLev® elements can be used for mounting all types of rotating or critically aligned machinery, in a great variety of industries all over the world. MecLev® elements can be used for:

  • Mounting all types of critically aligned machinery;
  • Mounting machinery which needs recurring re-alignment due to maintenance;
  • Mounting machinery in a short time frame, no epoxy curing time or consuming machining work;
  • Mounting machinery were angular differences between machine foot en mounting base occurs;
  • Mounting machinery with soft foot problems.

Sample applicationsexample

  • Compressors
  • Engines
  • Electric engines
  • Generators
  • Pumps
  • Gearboxes
  • Fans
  • Machining tools

Why use MecLev® instead of existing solutions?

  • MecLev® elements help to align and re-align your machinery quick and accurate;
  • MecLev® guarantees fast and simple elimination of soft foot under your machinery;
  • MecLev® elements eliminate time consuming and expensive machining of steel chocks;
  • MecLev® elements eliminate the extra work required when installing epoxy resin chocks;
  • MecLev® elements are re-usable;
  • MecLev® elements are self-levelling;
  • MecLev® elements handle angular difference between machine foot and foundation up to 4°;
  • MecLev® offers the highest adjustable range on the market for adjustable chocks;
  • MecLev® offers the highest rated load on the market for adjustable chocks;
  • MecLev® offers the best mechanical properties on the market for adjustable chocks;
  • MecLev® elements are designed by people with more than 25 years of field experience.